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Let me introduce myself. My name is Munirul hakim. You can call me Hakim. actually it can be considered as my nickname, since there are so many ways to address me. as far as I remember, since i went to elementary school, there were already ten nicknames gave to me,
but you can just call me Hakim.

i was born in the world in
December 30th ****, the last of my parents’ five children.  I originated from Pati and recently I live in Bakalan Dukuhseti  sub-district Pati regency, which probably some of you never heard about this place.

i mostly spent my education time in Pati, a city which is famous of its foods: Nasi gandul, getuk, and many more :D

actually you can view me as pure person, and i don’t know what people will say about ‘pure’ whether it’s good or not, but i claimed myself as good pure person, i have many lacks on myself, always easily smile and touched by an event.

one of my reason in creating personal blog is, i love to confide whatever i feel. but I think i didn’t do it much to any person or SOCMED,-- actually i vented my story much in kaskus forum and i have so many id clones there, and many of them got banned., hahah

then i thought, than fulfilling kaskus forum’s server only for myself, i make a decision to create a personal blog. i still confide my heart in kaskus, but i only do it about twice a week.

actually i love to learn writing although people don’t read it, i will learn continuously, and i’ll stay learning to write.. and write all over, so that whatever i wrote can be beneficial for myself, my bestfrnd, and i will be gratitude if it is useful for other people...

i tried to learn from other people’s writing... learning from other people’s experience... and having frn without seeing others’ ethnicity, religion, age, status, or... fur?.. the important thing is good interest for frnd's!

i want to create a frd's as long as river flows and as wide as ocean, as warm as the sun, calm as morning dew, and i hope i’ll have frd's as many as stars above and sand on the beach..

i want to be relax, as if I were on the beach.
sincerely for you...? how about you?

let’s tell about you, so we’ll know each other well.
to make us knowing each other great,

& let me know if there is anything I can do to help, by clicking on my profile comment blog or you can use  contact us page.

& once again, 
thank u very much for reading my blog.


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